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  • First night in the US

    … It’s strange writing that, after so many previous trips to America (and especially Seattle) but now here I am. I hadn’t realised that the flight from Hong Kong to Seattle would be OS insanely long – I’ve been used to Narita-Seatac, which is 8 hours, whereas Hong Kong-Seatac is 11 and a half. There […]

  • Swimming Lesson #48

    I had Gin Club at work today, but because I was swimming I just had a very little one before getting a car to the pool. My regular coach was off, so the lesson was a bit different to normal. 

  • Climbing in Cardiff

    I got up this morning, helped my parents reconfigure their dining room table, then headed into London to get a train to Cardiff. Now Paddington seems to have been fully renovated, it’s a lovely, spacious station. I could get through the ticket barriers by merely waving my phone at a bar code reader, and I […]

  • Off we go again…

    It’s important to prepare for a long flight by being rested and hydrated, which was why when I went to the office Christmas party last night, I was doublefisting champagne for the first hour, and then on the wasabi martinis after that.

  • Early to rise, late to bed, makes a man groggy and angry I said

    Both children came in about 4 this morning, asking adorably cute but very annoying questions like "what do you call something that is half person and half horse?" Discussions of centaurs are not a thing to be having at stupid o’clock.

  • Slow sad day

    I felt absolutely dreadful today; Destroyer woke me up at 2am, rattling our bedroom door in a feeble effort to get in. (Strangely, she was quite successful at getting her own door open, but not at opening ours.) I had to spend a couple of hours with her and La Serpiente before I got back […]

  • Swimming Lesson #30

    Today I had a fairly major achievemebt: I swam for 40 metres without stopping. Well, technically I swam one length of a 20 metre pool, and then swam straight back again, but that’s the furthest I’ve ever done in one go. Last weekend I swam eight lengths of a 25 metre pool, so in some […]

  • Another trip to Bangkok

    Singapore is making me complacent; I had a flight at 6:35 this evening and at 4:45 I was still sipping gin and tonic at a friend’s apartment, shortly before running back to get my bag and call a taxi for the airport. And I still got to Changi in time to clear customs, browse the […]

  • Prince of Wails Check

    Today La Serpiente demanded pancakes again for breakfast, or rather, she wanted a vat of maple syrup to drink with a side of bread products. We were wise to this and gave her a peanut butter sandwich instead, which she only ate a quarter or, and then I took her and Destroyer to the shops […]

  • Swimming Lesson #27

    It’s funny how I’m not seeing a synergy between the different workouts I’ve been doing. Both climbing and swimming require a combination of strength and flexibility, just as running and swimming both reward cardiovascular fitness. Yet here I am, unsure if my arms are sore from laps of breaststroke or from pulling myself up a […]