Early to rise, late to bed, makes a man groggy and angry I said

Both children came in about 4 this morning, asking adorably cute but very annoying questions like "what do you call something that is half person and half horse?" Discussions of centaurs are not a thing to be having at stupid o’clock.
As a result of that, or being sick, or both, I ended up working from home today, which I did mostly from my bed, where I lay feeling dreadful, in between conference calls and trying to figure out complexities of technology. I quite envied both my wife, who was walking around the Botanic Gardens, and my children, who were doubtless discussing unicorns, allacorns (La Serpiente’s name for flying horses), or other chimerae. Instead, I was thinking about PowerPoint presentations. Well, I suppose it’s an indoor job with no heavy lifting, I can’t really complain.

I didn’t feel any better by the time evening swung around, so I stayed at home to put the kids down while my wife went out climbing. I spent about two and a quarter hours trying to persuade Destroyer to go to sleep. We didn’t talk about mythical creatures, just about how:

  • she wanted to go to the toilet
  • she was scared of the dark
  • she wasn’t tired
  • her bum was itchy
  • she wanted to go to the toilet
  • her bum was still itchy
  • she wasn’t tired
  • she could see the kitchen window from her bedroom (a lie, I think) and wasn’t that cool?
  • she wasn’t tired

I was tired after this kaleidoscopic of conversational topics, but only at 10pm could I escape to go and play Blood Bowl. I did at least force a draw against my opponent, quick miraculously not losing 3-0. Which is a change.

And now to bed, probably to be woken up in three hours for a discussion of reptiles, dragons or window panes. What a life.

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