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  • Sleepless again

    I failed to get more than three hours sleep today, partly from jet lag, partly due to stress, and a bit because the children coughed continually from bedtime until sunrise.

  • Worn out by travel

    Despite only going to Bangkok for one day, I felt totally exhausted today. That dead sort of fatigue where you’re swimming through sludge. It was coupled with a caffeine-withdrawal headache, and a very heavy bag to carry to the office. But on the positive side, the kids were fine on the way to school. Destroyer […]

  • Slow sad day

    I felt absolutely dreadful today; Destroyer woke me up at 2am, rattling our bedroom door in a feeble effort to get in. (Strangely, she was quite successful at getting her own door open, but not at opening ours.) I had to spend a couple of hours with her and La Serpiente before I got back […]

  • Swimming Lesson #37

    The skies turned dark and it began to pelt down with rain about 6:30, and my phone was out of battery so I couldn’t call a cab, which meant this may have been the first swimming lesson where I got wetter after I left the pool than when I was in it.

  • End of the weekend

    La Serpiente had her second climbing lesson today, so I took her over to the wall. She was rather quiet while we waited for her instructor to turn up (15 minutes late) but once she was climbing she was quite happy again. I went off and bouldered for an hour, after which my hands were […]

  • Hangover daze

    Perhaps drinking a bottle of white wine and eating half a Brie weren’t such wise ideas last night, but what made it worse for my wife was the huge storm last night. Apparently. I just woke up at 7 with the kids going loopy and my wife not in bed, and so I tried to […]

  • Longest brunch in the world

    I’ve clearly been exercising too much, because I woke today a broken man, incapable of much more than going out and eating pancakes and a revoltingly bad smoothie at Kith cafe (bananas, espresso, chocolate and digestive biscuits are all good things, but not at the same time). Then I reached out to my friend from […]

  • 10,000 steps the hard way

    Today I walked Destroyer to school (about 2,000 steps, according to my fitness tracker) then took the bus to work, where I stood at my desk all day until it was time to go home. In that time, I managed another 5,000 steps or so. Now, achieving 10,000 steps in a day (whether tracked accurately […]

  • The morning after

    Funnily enough, after an evening of beer and wine and gin, I didn’t feel that great when my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. Still, I got out of bed, had a banana and a ramekin full of yogurt, then got a car over to East Coast Park for the Parkrun. I was pleasantly […]

  • Screaming Ab-Dabs

    Good Friday is a holiday in Singapore, but I had an 8am phone call, so my holiday didn’t really start until 9 o’clock, when I took the girls to get pancakes while my wife fled to get a few minutes alone with a cup of coffee. The children were well behaved while we were putting […]