End of the weekend

La Serpiente had her second climbing lesson today, so I took her over to the wall. She was rather quiet while we waited for her instructor to turn up (15 minutes late) but once she was climbing she was quite happy again. I went off and bouldered for an hour, after which my hands were feeble webs of jelly. Still, there was one problem I couldn’t do last week that I could do today, one problem that was difficult last week but easy today, and one new route I handled without any trouble. And a lot of big overhangs I couldn’t get the hang of.
La Serpiente was happy afterwards – we followed our regular routine, of La Serpiente wanting to climb a bit more, then realising we needed to sprint her to the toilets, and then it was time for snacks and to head off.

In the late afternoon we had a party to attend to commemorate the first 40 days of some friends’ baby, and the kids gambolled in the sunshine. La Serpiente kept demanding I hold her up to the chin up bar, which wouldn’t have been so challenging if I hadn’t done 25 pull ups this morning.

All the exercise meant the girls went down to sleep in a blink of an eye. That gave me time to play an online game of Blood Bowl, and go to the office to drop my laptop off so I don’t need to drag it in tomorrow. And now to watch the rainy MotoGP race from Silverstone…

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