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  • Climbing up and up and up

    I was meant to be climbing and swimming today, but having spent hours sneezing last night, I didn’t fancy wearing myself out too much. So I went to climb, and managed to clear two difficult slab problems (a 17 and a 19) which made me very happy. These were two tricky problems with tiny, slippery […]

  • I went to Boulder Movement this lunchtime to climb, but I’d forgotten that my shoes were at home after I’d been to Boulder Plus on Sunday. So instead of climbing, I worked on pull ups for twenty minutes, then went back to the office for the afternoon. Then, after my last meeting of the day, […]

  • Unlocking more achievements

    I felt a bit better today and so did the girls; I’d had some sleep, we all walked to school without incident and then I went to work to have a series of calls. At lunchtime I went to Boulder Movement for my weekly training session, and was surprised to find that instead of climbing […]

  • Adventures with ants, balls, etc

    I took the girls out for pancakes this morning, and then handed them off to my wife and went climbing for an hour. I was mainly working on the same 20 mantle problem, and I’m still not finishing it, but it feels like I’m getting slightly closer. I also keep smacking my right elbow on […]

  • Climbing in Cardiff

    I got up this morning, helped my parents reconfigure their dining room table, then headed into London to get a train to Cardiff. Now Paddington seems to have been fully renovated, it’s a lovely, spacious station. I could get through the ticket barriers by merely waving my phone at a bar code reader, and I […]

  • Early to rise…

    After staying up until 1am playing Sleeping Dogs, I had to get up before 7 for a game of Blood Bowl I’d scheduled with a man in New Zealand. It was interesting – my team of inveterate cheating, chainsaw wielding goblins were up against a bunch of enormous ogres and tiny snotlings (smaller, more pathetic […]

  • Back to it

    This morning I got up at 6:45, got in a car driven by a man who didn’t know how to drive safely or how to follow his satnav, and somehow arrived at East Coast Park in time to run my fiftieth Parkrun. Afterwards, I was surprised to find the last one I ran was in […]

  • Learning for myself and the kids

    Yesterday, after promising it to her for six months, I finally took La Serpiente to the Decathlon superstore and bought her a real bike, with pedals and brakes and everything. But without stabilisers, despite the security guard outside the shop telling me she needed them, because if there’s one thing that holds you back from […]

  • End of the weekend

    La Serpiente had her second climbing lesson today, so I took her over to the wall. She was rather quiet while we waited for her instructor to turn up (15 minutes late) but once she was climbing she was quite happy again. I went off and bouldered for an hour, after which my hands were […]

  • Boulder Movement Carnival

    After work today, I went to Boulder Movement for their carnival. This was a Friday night extravaganza of climbing, and funfair sideshow games. That was an interesting combination: working on your upper body strength and then trying to win at a hook-a-duck stall. I learned several things. 1 I’m really crap at throwing balls. There […]