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This morning I got up at 6:45, got in a car driven by a man who didn’t know how to drive safely or how to follow his satnav, and somehow arrived at East Coast Park in time to run my fiftieth Parkrun. Afterwards, I was surprised to find the last one I ran was in April of last year; I thought it was much earlier that I’d stopped. [more] My Garmin was also surprised, surprised enough that it decided to reboot itself ten minutes into the run and delete all the data it had from the previous day. That meant as well that rather than my true time (23:56) my watch recorded a much faster 22:04. I’m not worried; after this long off, I was expecting to do 27:30 at best, and at worst collapse with shin splints / plantar fascitis / a burst knee. 

That said, just over twenty minutes of exercise and little sleep last night made me grouchy for the rest of the day. I fell asleep on the sofa at midday while the girls fought over some stickers, and then made the slightly ill advised move to go climbing with La Serpiente before her swimming lesson. 

This was her first trip to the wall since she finished her lessons in November, and I was pleased to find that, with some cajoling, she would climb all the way to the top of one route, and managed two different boulder problems. She relies on her arms even more than I do, but at least she managed to get to the top. 

Then we got in another badly driven car and sped to swimming, where surprisingly La Serpiente was amiable and focussed throughout her class, although when we got home both girls were boggle-eyed mental, the day culminating in Destroyer having a tantrum when we took her dinner away after she refused to eat it. Confused, much? 

Still, both kids passed out quickly (though I fell asleep next to them so this didn’t confer much of an advantage) so the rest of the evening was peaceful. Not enough juggling or piano, and my planned swimming got vetoed, but there’s always tomorrow… 

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