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  • Back to it

    This morning I got up at 6:45, got in a car driven by a man who didn’t know how to drive safely or how to follow his satnav, and somehow arrived at East Coast Park in time to run my fiftieth Parkrun. Afterwards, I was surprised to find the last one I ran was in […]

  • Track & Field, 2018

    I literally can’t remember the last time I went for a run. I know I took part in a race in 2017, because I won a 10k in Myanmar, and I ran an 800m at Toa Payoh Stadium at some point that year, and I must have run a couple of times this year, but […]

  • A year later and three minutes slower

    Today was the second annual Singapore Shufflers 5k Handicap, where we arranged ourselves in ascending order of speed, and then ran around Bedok Reservoir. My speed had been judged on the basis of how fast I ran last year, which was a little cruel, because I did a 5k time of 19:36, and the best […]

  • Goodbye, barefoot running shoes

    Goodbye, barefoot running shoes

    Two and a half years after the Singapore climate claimed a perfectly good pair of shoes, I have another victim: my Merrell Roadgloves, an incredibly comfortable pair of shoes from the height of the barefoot running boom. (And thus at least five years old, but it’s the mileage, never the age…)

  • Resolutions: Fix my plantar fascitis

    I’d like to end this year not suffering from plantar fascitis. I suppose that would get me back to April of 2017 by December of 2018, which is some sort of progress. Here’s what I think will do that (arranged in order of effectiveness for other sufferers). I’m not a medical practitioner, just a sufferer, […]

  • You don’t know what you miss until it’s gone: Henderson Waves and plantar fascitis

    It wasn’t until I was watching the safety video on the Singapore Airlines flight to Malaysia that it really hit me how much I miss being able to run. I suppose if you’re going to put trigger warnings on in-flight safety videos, it’s unlikely you’ll realise a shot of the bridge at Henderson Waves is […]

  • Bagan Temple Marathon (10k) 2017

    Cruelly, after our plane was delayed and we missed the pasta party in Bagan (which apparently, due to a downpour, was actually a soup party), the race start was scheduled for 6:15am, which meant there would be a coach leaving from our hotel at 5:15, which meant we had to get up at 4:30 for […]

  • The Perfect Distance

    The Perfect Distance is a book describing the careers of Sebastian Coe (Conversative Lord, adviser to Nike and the IOC, and therefore more-than-slightly dubious, under some interpretations) and Steve Ovett, a shaggier-looking chap who was naturally talented and not whittled into a formidable middle distance runner by a obsessive father. (Not that Peter Coe doesn’t […]

  • ASICS Relay 2017

    A month or two ago, I signed up as part of a team to run the ASICS Relay in Singapore. I like relay races because they usually mean a much shorter distance, so the ratio of fun to pain is better, and it’s more exciting and more communal an experience than just a bunch of […]

  • Missing out

    Staying up late and drinking isn’t part of the training regimen of most successful runners. I was meant to do 26 km this morning with a friend, and we’d arranged to meet at 5:15 so we’d be done before breakfast. I hauled myself out of bed with 4 hours sleep in me, got dressed and […]