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  • Another early start

    I don’t know how I dragged myself from my bed at 5 am, but somehow I managed it, and went off for a 21 km run. This became a never-ending grind; the first 10k or so wasn’t so bad, and then it got worse with every step, my heel injury playing up from about 17k […]

  • Apresdeluvian run

    I went to MacRitchie Reservoir for a run today. It was an easy choice; the Formula One race means any running route near Marina Bay is needlessly complicated, running to Mount Faber would be horrendously boring, and although MacRitchie is hilly and humid, it’s also fun to be running down a rocky path where you’re […]

  • Not Swimming Lesson #1

    Tonight I didn’t go swimming, and I was still so tired that I fell asleep on Destroyer’s bed before she did, which suggests that maybe it’s not swimming that knackers me out, it’s Thursdays. That’s aggravating because I don’t reasonably expect to improve at Thursdays, so all those lessons may be for naught, but it’s […]

  • Off track

    I ran to the National Stadium track today to do a run at race pace. I’m only aiming for 3:30 for the Bagan Marathon, which equates to 2 minute laps at the track (except track pace is probably faster than real life pace, especially if Bagan is all sand) but given how out of training […]

  • Training, frustrated

    On Monday, my marathon training is meant to start, with a 30 minute all-out time trial, to calibrate my current fitness and pace, and allow me to determine my current power output and thus calculate my training zones for the next 4-6 weeks. I usually do these tests on the track, where it’s mortally boring […]

  • A long slow run

    La Serpiente came into our bedroom at twenty past six, wanting to hug and lie on me. Instead, I bundled her into the running stroller along with some fruit, some cookies, a litre of water, a hardback book, two soft toys, a change of clothes for me and her booster seat, and headed off to […]

  • Plantar fascitis

    I went to the doctor this morning about a nagging pain in my heel. I’ve had it for the last six weeks or so; it’s particularly bad first thing when I get out of bed (on Tuesday I could hardly walk, limping around the room like a broken man) but it doesn’t affect me when […]

  • Quick Strength For Runners

    At the library this weekend, I borrowed Quick Strength For Runners, which promises a better runner’s body in 8 weeks. It’s a nice big square book with lots of colour photos, and less than 200 pages, and it doesn’t muck about.

  • Shambling track session

    While my wife tried to persuade the girls to sleep tonight, I went off to the track for a speed session. My diet of pizza and French fries for the last week needed to be compensated for by sweating most of my body weight out.

  • A parkrun in the rain

    It poured with rain last night, so much that it couldn’t possibly rain any more today. So I was surprised to wake at 6 this morning to the sound of further rain. I got up, careful not to wake anyone, and crept from the house to the car, just as the rain stopped. Then I […]