Shambling track session

While my wife tried to persuade the girls to sleep tonight, I went off to the track for a speed session. My diet of pizza and French fries for the last week needed to be compensated for by sweating most of my body weight out.
Tonight was 6 1000m repeats, with 5 minutes and 45 seconds to do each one. That meant tearing round the track two and a half times, then taking two minutes to walk back to the start and do it again. I knew I was in trouble when even the first two laps were hard. Usually there’s a period of irrational exuberance that you pay for later in the session; tonight it was hard from the start.

I did just 400m on my third repeat, 800 on the one after that, then only 600, and finished with a 1000m where the last 900m was hellish. Other people were happily putting out metronomic laps, but that was not the way it would be for me tonight. Afterwards, almost speechless with exhaustion, I slunk home, only to find it had taken La Serpiente and Destroyer nearly an hour to go to sleep.

Fortunately, tomorrow we’re going out for dinner and our babysitter can wrangle our daughters. Now if I could just go drinking and running in the same evening, I’d hit maximum efficiency.

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