Plantar fascitis

I went to the doctor this morning about a nagging pain in my heel. I’ve had it for the last six weeks or so; it’s particularly bad first thing when I get out of bed (on Tuesday I could hardly walk, limping around the room like a broken man) but it doesn’t affect me when I’m running.

He squeezed my calf, and different parts of my foot, and then pushed his finger into the bottom of my heel and I squealed like a stuck pig. "Yes, plantar fascitis" he declared.

This is what I’d been expecting. I had been worried it might be something more drastic, like a stress fractures, but this is bad enough. I’ve got anti-inflammatory now and instructions to stretch my calf and foot and go easy on standing up and walking for the next few weeks, until the irritation subsides and I get back to normal. I’m not sure what that does for my running training: probably best to reduce volume for the time being, and focus on the strength training I’ve been putting off for no good reason.

At least I’m mobile and not in the depths of training for anything specific.

As to what it feels like, when it’s bad there’s a stabbing pain in the bottom of my heel, worse if I put pressure on it, and a nagging pain otherwise. My left Achilles feels tight too, which may be tied up with this; again, a reminder that I should be more diligent with stretching and strengthening things. Oh, and ice, perhaps, and avoiding violent Traditional Chinese Medicine foot massages.

Big bike ride tomorrow then, to ensure I’m not totally sedentary.

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  1. Dude, I’ve always found it best to go to a sports physiotherapist with injuries (especially when training), though your doctor sounds quite clued up. a sports physio will understand the need to keep training and know how to enable that.

    • There’s a tendency in Singapore to just throw pills at problems until they go away. When I get back into the country in three weeks (assuming it’s not fixed by then) then it’s time to seek a physio – no time (but no training required) until then… 😮

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