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  • Stryd PowerRace

    Today I installed PowerRace onto my Garmin 235, and it feels like it’s made my Stryd massively more useful as a training tool.

  • Old Man’s Sports Day – Singapore Masters Track And Field Championships 2017

    Today was the day of the annual Singapore Athletics Masters Track & Field Championships. For the last two years I’ve completed, starting off with the 1500m and running a 4x400m relay against some dastardly competition, but last year and this year I’ve concentrated on the 800m. The championships has usually been held in the autumn, […]

  • Good Afternoon

    Things didn’t start too well. When La Serpiente woke up and started screaming, we tried to placate her with the promise of her current favourite snack, cheese and crackers. But she’s already eaten all the crackers in the house, and a toasted cheese sandwich with the crusts cut off was rejected out of hand as […]

  • Track work

    Tonight’s training schedule was 4 to 6x1000m, at 4:17 pace, with 4:15 recovery between each one. Or rather, that’s what I had from my Enormous Book Of Running Advice. When I got to the track, 59 hours after running a 19:35 5k, I was told taking it easy was not an option, and instead of […]

  • The Dirtiest Race In History

    Last night I finished reading The Dirtiest Race In History, a book about the 1988 Seoul Olympics and Ben Johnson’s shortlived gold medal. A bit like a 100 metre sprinter, it starts powerfully and then loses momentum towards the end. But perhaps I ended up disliking it because it was described as “compelling” by the […]

  • Broccoli, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat – just another track session

    This evening I went to the track, and didn’t fall in the toilet. Perhaps it’s a sign of how low my expectations are that this counts as something to celebrate.

  • Alone in the dark

    I’ll often complain, but Singapore does have some beautiful weather. This afternoon I was in meeting after meeting, and just after five, as I looked out of the floor-to-ceiling window towards the west, I saw a patch of vehement orange yellow, growling up from the horizon. Above it, acres of dark grey, and then a […]

  • Running for the toilet

    Tonight I jogged down to the National Stadium to run on the track for half an hour. I did the same last week and that time I went a bit too easy on myself. To be fair, you don’t want to be going all-out the week after a marathon, but given I could run that […]

  • Spurious commemorative memorabilia and a sweaty night at the track

    After crowing about how well I was eating and sleeping, it was inevitable that last night I wouldn’t be able to sleep until 3 in the morning, and I’d spend half of today hankering after dreadful food of one kind or another. As the evening seeped into the end of the afternoon, again I felt […]

  • Glutton for punishment

    I went to the track for the Wednesday night session; I don’t think I’d been once during my marathon training, which means it’s the first time I’ve been this year. And as my wife is starting an exercise class on Wednesday evenings from next week, it could also be the last time I’ll go this […]