I went to Boulder Movement this lunchtime to climb, but I’d forgotten that my shoes were at home after I’d been to Boulder Plus on Sunday. So instead of climbing, I worked on pull ups for twenty minutes, then went back to the office for the afternoon.

Then, after my last meeting of the day, I went home and put the girls to bed. I was pretty tired and so were they, so, after a few minutes arguing in the dark about whether they were tucked up under the right coloured blankets or not, they both fell asleep. 

Unfortunately, I’d also fallen asleep and didn’t wake up until almost 9pm, with my left arm paralysed from having Destroyer lie on it for 45 minutes. I stomped out, and rushed off back to the climbing gym to get a climb in. 

There were some new very difficult problems I didn’t even attempt: I did a few new things I’ve not tried before, a few tough problems that I’d done before, and when I was exhausted, got the bus home and played a game of Blood Bowl, my first draw in ages (and almost a win, even if by the end of the game I had every one of my players off the pitch, knocked out, injured or dead).

And so to bed… 

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