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  • I went to Boulder Movement this lunchtime to climb, but I’d forgotten that my shoes were at home after I’d been to Boulder Plus on Sunday. So instead of climbing, I worked on pull ups for twenty minutes, then went back to the office for the afternoon. Then, after my last meeting of the day, […]

  • On and on and on

    Today I borrowed a red Toyota Prius-C and drove it a couple of hundred kilometres. It’s an acceptable car for driving long distances on a freeway; the soundproofing isn’t great, but it’s got cruise control (surprising on such a small car) and the fuel consumption is incredibly frugal, even when we were chugging along at […]

  • Sleeping like a champion

    Garmin’s app occasionally sends me ‘Insights’ which are usually notifications like “James, you’re moving slightly more than usual” but today I got a more exciting one: That’s right, I’d be a contender in the International Sleeping Championship. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved such heights of athleticism before. Then again, if I won they might […]

  • Further adventures in varnish

    The weekend we moved into our apartment, I revarnished the butcher block we have in our kitchen. I was super pleased with the deep, glossy finish that resulted from two thick coats of varnish. We were all less pleased with the fact that even after three weeks, the top of the butcher block is still […]

  • Climbing the walls

    La Serpiente was sick today with a cough, so she spent the day driving my wife mental while I hid at work. She had recovered enough to go to her ballet class this afternoon, and to spend the evening fighting with her sister over Lego. So by 7:30, nerves were fraying and my wife was […]

  • Earlier to bed

    Tonight I put Destroyer to bed. This was a very simple thing for me to do: I took her to her room, lay among the mounds of stuffed toys on her bed, read her The Gruffalo’s Child, then, despite her protestations, rested my head on a pillow and teleported to two hours in the future.

  • Dreading Dread Zeppelin and other Saturday morning nonsense

    I slept in today, trying to rest my neck as much as possible, and when at last my wife could no longer deal with the high volume yelling of the children, I hauled myself out of bed, took a painkiller and we went out to our closest café for extra breakfast. Or rather, breakfast for […]

  • Together Again

    Either I was exhausted or the caffeine isn’t working any more; I went out for coffee, came back and fell asleep on the sofa while La Serpiente watched Super Monsters, a Netflix show for children which is basically Muppet Babies crossed with Dracula Meets Frankenstein, but with an extra message about the importance of table […]

  • Late to bed and early to rise

    After creeping back into the house last night at 11 (my flight got in at 6, but then I went out to a work dinner and ate wine and drank cheese until my body was going to melt) I had the kids crawl over me from 2 until 5 in the morning, at which point […]

  • Floored

    When I was young, maybe six or seven, I would go to my parents’ bedroom and try to sleep there, and when they eventually retired to bed, my father would have to carry me up to the dizzying heights of the loft extension where my bed was, and I’d get to cling to him on […]