Together Again

Either I was exhausted or the caffeine isn’t working any more; I went out for coffee, came back and fell asleep on the sofa while La Serpiente watched Super Monsters, a Netflix show for children which is basically Muppet Babies crossed with Dracula Meets Frankenstein, but with an extra message about the importance of table manners. So I suppose that worked out perfectly well.
La Serpiente was at home with me because she had a slight fever, but Destroyer had gone to Waka Waka, the African themed playgym over by River Valley. When she came back, we put them both to bed and then I went to the climbing wall, where I managed to make it up a problem I’d completely failed at the last time I tried, so that was nice.

When I got home, I was suddenly struck by another wave of exhaustion, so to compensate I had a cheese sandwich and then took the kids out for ice cream. It’s like the perfect combination of nutrition and glamour. My wife is smarter than me and got them to serve one scoop of ice cream in two cups, whereas I always ending up giving each child a whole scoop and then dealing with the sugar-coated consequences.

We took the girls home and gave them a bath, and then as a trick my wife went out and I tried to put both girls down. This didn’t work so well because after I’d read them four stories and gone into Destroyer’s room to put her down, La Serpiente followed, and then I was sandwiched between both girls who seemed to refuse to sleep, or at least until I was lulled to sleep by the sound of white noise from Destroyer’s electronic sheep.

That led to all sorts of fun when I woke up later with both my arms numbed and asleep, and then had to clamber out of the bed. But at least both girls are asleep and (hopefully) stay that way all night…

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