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  • To Disney

    Today started badly for me, insofar as yesterday didn’t finish on time : at three in the morning, unable to sleep I found myself playing Goat Simulator and stifling giggles. That meant I woke at 8 feeling dreadful, and shambked around, hoping for breakfast until midday. We were travelling to Hong Kong to take the […]

  • Sleepless again

    I failed to get more than three hours sleep today, partly from jet lag, partly due to stress, and a bit because the children coughed continually from bedtime until sunrise.

  • Reacclimatising in San Francisco

    After the Flight of Farts (a modern day Trail of Tears) I got off the plane fairly rested, zoomed through security in seconds, and then retrieved my bag and headed to the hotel. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and I had to check in at 9:15am (which, surprisingly, I could, rather than […]

  • Sick in a bucket

    La Serpiente spent most of yesterday evening vomiting into a wastepaper bin, although she was quite stoic and didn’t cry at all. Eventually she asked me to cuddle her so she could sleep, and so I woke up about 3am this morning with my wife telling me to take my socks off. Because it’s obviously […]

  • Another bleary day

    La Serpiente’s ear infection kept her awake most of the night, and I’d made the mistake of playing two games of Blood Bowl far too late in the evening, which meant that between the weeping and the mental high, I couldn’t sleep until about 4 this morning, and then woke bleary eyed at 8, just […]

  • Highs and lows

    I was meant to have a game of Blood Bowl this morning, so I got up nice and early, took the kids out for pancakes and then got back for our scheduled start time… And nobody ever turned up. I wondered for about half an hour about what was going on, but never had any […]

  • Jaded, statuesque, of Bangkok

    I flew to Bangkok this afternoon. Normally I take a later flight, but today I was on the 4pm departure, which got me to Bangkok just in time for rush hour on the sky train, one of those wonderful experiences where people defy physics to prove you can fit more bodies into a train carriage […]

  • Sleepy time

    I got home tonight and put the kids to sleep, falling asleep myself before 8pm, and waking only to realise I have to be up for calls at 6:45 tomorrow. A wave of exhaustion rushed over me, as, zombified, I tried to prep the kids’ toy room for me to take my calls. Common sense […]

  • Back again, exhausted

    I couldn’t really sleep on the plane – despite having legroom in my bulkhead seat, not being able to lie down, or have any pillows to prop my head against, made it hard to snooze. So I had a few fitful naps, and wished for more. I’d had less than four hours sleep before the […]

  • Dicey

    After a long flight, where I spent much of it draped across three seats, and a wait while an engineer had to be summoned to open the doors into the terminal, and then a 20 minute yomp to Immigration, and then an interminable wait for my luggage to appear, and a 90 minute car journey, […]