Reacclimatising in San Francisco

After the Flight of Farts (a modern day Trail of Tears) I got off the plane fairly rested, zoomed through security in seconds, and then retrieved my bag and headed to the hotel. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and I had to check in at 9:15am (which, surprisingly, I could, rather than being told to wait until 3pm), before playing a Blood Bowl match that I lost 3-0. (This ended my unbeaten run of, well, two games with my beloved ratmen. I guess they went out in style.)

Then it was time to go and get some exercise – friends from work were climbing at Dogpatch Bouldering, a bouldering gym in an area of San Francisco called Dogpatch. (“How do they think of such inventive names?” you’re obviously wondering.) I went there last year and couldn’t climb anything, so it was great to go today and be able to do lots of things I never would have contemplated before. Like all North American gyms I’ve been to, there are lots of problems that are hard because they’re big, and have huge spaces between each hold. Quite different to how it is in Singapore.

I tired quicker than I’d expected, then got picked up by another friend to go and get lunch. Well, to get drinks and lunch. I had the Amor Eterno (the red drink, pictured above) which contained gin and … and some red stuff. Look, I’d been on that plane for a long time, alright? It’s a wonder I can even speak at all. We caught up over Mexican food, I extolled the benefits (and downsides) of opiate-based pain relief for kidney stones and the Singaporean bedside manner, then I had another coffee and went back to the hotel, before taking a long walk around San Francisco to fit a bit of shopping in and to ensure my body knew what time it was.

I’d been very lucky with my travel. My room-mate arrived at SFO at 3pm. But he didn’t get through Immigration until 5:30 – apparently the lines were very, very long in the afternoon – so I felt blessed to have skipped that. However, I’ve got an upset stomach – the coffee? the farts? the Mexican food? – so I’ve been a bit queasy this evening, and hoping that I recover in time for tomorrow’s bright and early start.

I read a few things, caught up on most of the administration for my blog, tried not to fall asleep, and now I’m ready to sleep. It’s 9:20pm local time and I feel drained, so I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll be waking up at 3am tomorrow. Got to keep asleep for a bit longer than that…

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