Sick in a bucket

La Serpiente spent most of yesterday evening vomiting into a wastepaper bin, although she was quite stoic and didn’t cry at all. Eventually she asked me to cuddle her so she could sleep, and so I woke up about 3am this morning with my wife telling me to take my socks off. Because it’s obviously fine to sleep with a crapulent child resting on your arm, but not if you’re wearing socks.

Still, I can’t complain. This morning La Serpiente awoke a little fatigued, but not at all sick, and I got eight hours sleep, rather than stating up half the night watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. 

On the other hand, I also failed to play any Blood Bowl yesterday, so this evening, after putting the kids to bed and sending my wife out to go swimming (and falling asleep myself with the kids for an hour) I got to play two matches. In the first, things went badly from the very start and I kind of gave up – lost 3-0, felt quite down. 

In the second match, I was up against one of the best players on the entire site, against a team I’ve never played before, so I expected to get spanked again. But this time I played harder, not giving up when he got close to scoring and forcing him to not delay, and although he beat me 2-1 it was on the last turn of the game, and I might still have held him to a draw if the dice had gone my way, so that felt much better. 

So compared to last night, when I was serenaded by the sound of vomiting, and a few hours ago, when I was ruing playing Blood Bowl, things are on the up. 

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