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  • The Best Skill To Take In Blood Bowl

    [Originally posted on Fumbbl back in 2018] I got to thinking, and then I had a pint of fine wine and so much beef I got the meat sweats and my wife had to help me walk home. But I was struck by a revelation, an epiphany you might say about two skills that are […]

  • Recommended Blood Bowl Inducements

    Or, “How to avoid getting steamrollered by a team that’s much bigger than yours” Even with teams that are evenly matched on Team Value, Blood Bowl wasn’t designed to provide completely balanced play. Take two rookie teams at 1,000,000 TV; if that’s Dwarfs (well armoured, almost every player comes with Block as standard) vs Khorne […]

  • Things to take to the Chaos Cup

    It’s Tuesday night and I’m starting to panic a bit about what I should be taking to the Chaos Cup in Chicago. So far it’s: Three sets of block dice (my Fumbbl ones that are easy to read, my Skaven ones because they’re official GW ones, and another set) Four NAF D6s, a D8 and […]

  • All I ever wanted to know about marking skills in Blood Bowl

    There’s lots of things to worry about before you play your first table top tournament, and a big one is how to mark the skills your players have. Unlike some other games, there’s no WYSIWYG rule – if you roster a team where one guy has tentacles, another has 2 heads and a third has […]

  • Nurgle in Blood Bowl 2020

    It’s a bit odd to refer to Blood Bowl 2020, as the rules only came out at the end of November and so I won’t even get to play a match in the 2020 version until some way into 2021, but that’s the name (or Blood Bowl Second Season, if you want to take Games […]

  • Blood Bowl and Bainbridge

    I got up this morning, let the chickens out of their henhouse so they could run around their coop, walked a few blocks over to find an espresso (not to my liking – either badly made or over roasted) and a fairly solid salted caramel tart, and walked back to play a couple of games […]

  • Another hard Saturday

    This morning I was woken by La Serpiente coming in to tell us there was a rainstorm and we needed to close the windows. Which was useful of her, but disturbing for my wife, because I fell back to sleep while she had to get up to sort out the rain situation. We were all […]

  • Western Australian Open 2019, Day Two

    I woke at 7:30 this morning, tired of life and tired of Blood Bowl. I crawled from the bed to discover there was no hot water in the shower, and then went down to breakfast. Flat whitened, I felt a little better, and with a good bit of food in me, I packed up, checked […]

  • Western Australian Open 2019

    This morning I got up early, feeling some trepidation, and had a quick breakfast before getting a taxi to South Perth. I was heading to a community building in the middle of a large sports field, to play Blood Bowl all day.

  • Sick in a bucket

    La Serpiente spent most of yesterday evening vomiting into a wastepaper bin, although she was quite stoic and didn’t cry at all. Eventually she asked me to cuddle her so she could sleep, and so I woke up about 3am this morning with my wife telling me to take my socks off. Because it’s obviously […]