Another hard Saturday

This morning I was woken by La Serpiente coming in to tell us there was a rainstorm and we needed to close the windows. Which was useful of her, but disturbing for my wife, because I fell back to sleep while she had to get up to sort out the rain situation.

We were all a bit short of sleep today and therefore a little tetchy. With both my wife and I sore from climbing yesterday, it was going to be a bit of a hard day. 

We painted some models together, the girls ate popcorn and I felt dreadful. After a while, La Serpiente got bored and went out with her mother to buy some sushi. 

Still, I got a game of Blood Bowl with Destroyer. She scored twice against me but I did manage to recover the ball and score once, so our match record is now 3 wins to her, zero to me, and the touchdown difference remains at 1 per game, but at least I’ve finally scored. My next goal is to beat a 3 year old at a boardgame for which she doesn’t understand the rules.

At lunch we went to see friends and had a bottle of wine while the kids frolicked. Maybe the wine was a suboptimal decision and I should have slept instead. The girls swam in the pool until 3:30, when I had to go back to pick up some papers from the office (in an icy cold taxi that induced a sneezing fit for me) then take the girls to their swimming lesson and then home for ice cream. 

We had ice cream at Apiary, where they’re building a chocolate room upstairs. La Serpiente was totally entranced, peering through the window at the boxes of chocolate beans and wondering how she could be a part of it. 

Then home, where they had a strange dinner (peanut butter sandwiches or faux chicken nuggets) before they fell asleep. I fell asleep with them when I’d been planning on packing for my flight tomorrow morning, but at least that meant I got some sleep. Now, on to the next big adventure…

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