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  • Pancakes and copious weeping

    I woke up late this morning and took the girls for pancakes. Normally we get a big table to ourselves, but because we were late, the big tables were all full and the three of us crouched around a small table. Things went fine until Destroyer, trying to return her empty babycinno cup and saucer, […]

  • Highs and lows

    I was meant to have a game of Blood Bowl this morning, so I got up nice and early, took the kids out for pancakes and then got back for our scheduled start time… And nobody ever turned up. I wondered for about half an hour about what was going on, but never had any […]

  • Worn out by travel

    Despite only going to Bangkok for one day, I felt totally exhausted today. That dead sort of fatigue where you’re swimming through sludge. It was coupled with a caffeine-withdrawal headache, and a very heavy bag to carry to the office. But on the positive side, the kids were fine on the way to school. Destroyer […]

  • Blood Bowl Blues

    I played a lot of Blood Bowl today.

  • Swimming Lesson #49

    My wife went out tonight for a sociable evening of bunco, while I put the girls to bed. I read them three books – Destroyer’s favourite This Book Has No Pictures, something La Serpiente chose that I just can’t remember, and a few scenes from the Terry Shakespeare play in Natbof. Then I tried to […]

  • A smashing day

    This morning my wife was kind enough to let me sleep in until 9am, although to be honest, if she’d been kind enough to tell me to stop playing Sleeping Dogs at one in the morning and go to bed,I wouldn’t have needed the lie-in.  Never mind.

  • Another 1-1 victory

    I had another game of Blood Bowl at Warboar in Bromley this evening. It took us over three hours, and ended in a draw, but I was happy.

  • 1-1 Victory

    This evening I went to Warboar, a boardgame cafe in Bromley, and played my second game of Blood Bowl this century (and possibly only my third in my life). I flew over to the UK with a team I’d just finished painting over Chinese New Year, the League of Prominent Vegans. They consist of four […]

  • Early to rise…

    After staying up until 1am playing Sleeping Dogs, I had to get up before 7 for a game of Blood Bowl I’d scheduled with a man in New Zealand. It was interesting – my team of inveterate cheating, chainsaw wielding goblins were up against a bunch of enormous ogres and tiny snotlings (smaller, more pathetic […]

  • Death On The Pitch

    [I read this at the end of 2018 but didn’t get round to writing this review until now – so that’s one of the h2018 books, not the 2019 resolutions.] Death On The Pitch is an anthology of stories about Blood Bowl, Games Workshop’s fantasy American football game, a child of the shortlived 1980s British […]