Pancakes and copious weeping

I woke up late this morning and took the girls for pancakes. Normally we get a big table to ourselves, but because we were late, the big tables were all full and the three of us crouched around a small table.

Things went fine until Destroyer, trying to return her empty babycinno cup and saucer, dropped both on her plate, spilling her little tub of maple syrup all over her plate. She began to wail, a horrible keening noise that I could only put an end to by having her sit on my knee and tell her how much I loved her, and feed her squares of pancake until her emotions subsided.

Then we went home, and on the way out of the lift La Serpiente tried to push past Destroyer and bumped the back of her ankle. Destroyer began to wail again and I told La Serpiente off for not taking account of other people, and then she started crying too, so I had a weeping child on either side of me on the sofa.

Best. Morning. Ever.

My wife was out shopping for a present for a birthday party we’re going to tomorrow. I was looking after the girls and I’m not sure what I did, apart from having them help me practice juggling, and then ineptly constructing a cheese and cooked meat sandwich for my daughters, before my wife finally returned to restore order.

After this, I was granted release in the afternoon. My wife took the kids out, and I went for a walk with our friend Saif to get ice cream, pick up some Chaos Space Marines from the Games Workshop shop, and then get home just in time to take Destroyer to her swimming lesson.

My wife got to go out for dinner with Saif, and I put the kids to sleep. I woke up about 9, partly pinned down by two children, then got up and played a game of Blood Bowl where, due to some very lucky dice for me and terrible ones for my opponent, I won 3-2, making the winning score on the very last turn of the game, leaving me feeling jubilant as my wife got home from the restaurant. So that was a great end to a day where I started on the back foot. 

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