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  • Pancakes and copious weeping

    I woke up late this morning and took the girls for pancakes. Normally we get a big table to ourselves, but because we were late, the big tables were all full and the three of us crouched around a small table. Things went fine until Destroyer, trying to return her empty babycinno cup and saucer, […]

  • Hangover daze

    Perhaps drinking a bottle of white wine and eating half a Brie weren’t such wise ideas last night, but what made it worse for my wife was the huge storm last night. Apparently. I just woke up at 7 with the kids going loopy and my wife not in bed, and so I tried to […]

  • A lovely Sunday

    Destroyer slept in til 9:25 today, two hours later than yesterday. She came in and woke me up, and then a few minutes later a friend called to see if I’d go for breakfast over the road. So, remembering how sad I’d been for the last two days not to see anyone, I rushed downstairs […]

  • Coffee doesn’t always work

    This morning we woke about 7:30 and watched yesterday’s Dutch MotoGP race, and after screaming at the screen (the last fifteen minutes were full of nailbiting action, even if we were watching a recording from yesterday) we ate the remaining food in the house (some yogurt and two cupcakes) and then went out for our […]

  • Feeding the Beast

    La Serpiente continues her happy-one-day, sad-the-next journeys to school. Today she was in tears because we took the A lift to the ground floor, rather than the B lift (for unfathomable reasons, the B lift is her favourite and the A a very poor substitute) and the forlornly walked to the bus stop, complaining constantly […]

  • Consistency and disappointment

    Last night we stayed up until 3am, bingeing on television, which meant I missed this morning’s parkrun and felt groggy as hell. Instead, we went out for waffles at a breakfast place that had come highly recommended by one of our fellow salsa dancers. Students. Animated dancing bears. Whatever. The cafe was about fifteen minute’s […]

  • Early morning pick me up

    For the first time in decades, somebody tried to pick me up. To my surprise and bemusement, this wasn’t in a club full of loud music and people shouting, but at breakfast on a Monday morning.

  • Confused and on the cheap in Tokyo

    I’m struggling with time zones a bit. I know this, because I just got an email from Oracle inviting me to a business breakfast at the Gherkin, and the first thing that crossed my mind wasn’t why can’t anyone call 1 Bishopsgate by its proper name?” but “cor, I think I’ll pop down for that” […]

  • A watery day

    I had high hopes to go for a long run this morning, but as like idiots we’d stayed up until midnight last night, even though we knew La Serpiente Aquatica Negra would make an attack at silly o’clock, I didn’t get out of bed until almost eight, by which time I needed to start panicking […]

  • Not getting to the end of the week fast enough

    Today started with our daughter getting very, very angry with her parents. At breakfast, she saw a jar of puffed brocolli and corn snacks on the kitchen counter. These aren’t the most unhealthy of foods – think of them as Wotsits made by granola-loving hippies. But they’re not what we want her to have for […]