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  • Pancakes and copious weeping

    I woke up late this morning and took the girls for pancakes. Normally we get a big table to ourselves, but because we were late, the big tables were all full and the three of us crouched around a small table. Things went fine until Destroyer, trying to return her empty babycinno cup and saucer, […]

  • The Talon Of Horus

    As is normal on Sundays, I got woke up by La Serpiente refusing to sleep in and had to take her out for pancakes to prevent the maelstrom that would ensue if she woke her sister up by banging around the apartment. And then when I got back, I read another Games Workshop novel about […]

  • Of pancakes and exercise

    Screaming woke me. It punctured the shield of the hangover I had, eventually forcing me toeave my bed and see what the children were screaming about. They were, of course, just screaming. They don’t need any particular reason for that. When my wife was at boiling point (the kids had been winding her up for […]

  • Pancakes and booze

    It’s getting to be a routine that I take La Serpiente out for pancakes on Sundays. Sometimes Destroyer sleeps in late, but today she accompanied us and ate muesli. La Serpiente grows more comfident; two weeks ago she was too scared to ask for what she wanted at the counter, but now she willingly requests […]