Pancakes and booze

It’s getting to be a routine that I take La Serpiente out for pancakes on Sundays. Sometimes Destroyer sleeps in late, but today she accompanied us and ate muesli. La Serpiente grows more comfident; two weeks ago she was too scared to ask for what she wanted at the counter, but now she willingly requests breakfast (although too rapidly and too high pitched for the person taking her order to understand).

La Serpiente loves pancakes, but only insofar as they are an efficient delivery system for maple syrup. The poached pear, the berries, the mascarpone they come served with could all go in the bin as far as she’s concerned. That makes breakfast slightly too rich for me, but nobody else is going to eat La Serpiente’s leftovers.

Both girls had a ballet lesson at 11 today, making up for another lesson they missed. That meant my wife and I could go and do something else. We had a coffee and went climbing. This was my wife’s first time and so I was quite pleased we didn’t have a massive row at the climbing wall. We only managed half an hour before we had to go back and collect the kids, then go to the library.

Although I’d had a full night’s sleep, I still felt quite dreadful, so when we got back from the library I had to take a nap. Then we went back out to see our old neighbours, who’ve moved to a beautiful, enormous flat near Bugis. We had four hours with them, drank a lot of gin and wine, and then had to take the kids home again. The good thing about them having no nap and getting home late is they were both asleep as soon as I’d read them a story and turned the light off. None of the usual rambunctiousness. That gave us the whole evening to do as we liked. Which means going to sleep. Ah well.

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