Of pancakes and exercise

Screaming woke me. It punctured the shield of the hangover I had, eventually forcing me toeave my bed and see what the children were screaming about. They were, of course, just screaming. They don’t need any particular reason for that.

When my wife was at boiling point (the kids had been winding her up for two hours before I emerged, and then I ate her breakfast by accident) I retreated with the girls in tow to our local cafe, where La Serpiente was brave enough this week to order food herself, but delivering it in such a high pitched squeak that the only word anyone understood was "pancakes". And, as this was her second breakfast, she only managed half of them (but all the maple syrup) so I was on mop-up duty.

She also decided today I should grow a beard "as big as Santa’s" so no more shaving for me. I’ll come back to that another day…

This morning we went to the library and borrowed 16 more books; five for adults and the rest for our progeny. Then we went home and the girls went straight out again to swimming class, while I went for a training session at the climbing wall.

Today we were focusing on side pulls: you try to get your chest perpendicular to the wall, so you can lean back and let your body weight make it easier to cling to what you’re holding onto. Gravity is again your friend. When I’d started to get the hang of this some things became much easier than before, but there’s also a lot where its slightly above my skill level at the moment, and I’d be falling off either at the bottom or near the top. I really couldn’t say at this point if I’m struggling because it’s harder than before, or if I’m just knackered at the moment and getting worse.

Anyway, after an hour of that, unable to grip anything any more, I went home and rendezvoused with the rest of the family. To eat ice cream. And then I remembered that I’ve put on 5 kg in six months, so when we got home I went for a 5k run in 200% humidity. This wasn’t as bad as I had thought, although I was quite slow. I had some 90s Big Beat on my headphones though, which inspired me to one 4:30 km, and then I came home and sweated and regretted this until the kids were asleep and I could lie down on the sofa. I doubt one run will reverse almost a year of neglect of my aerobic fitness, but I need to get back onto this, if only because when I’m climbing, 5kg of extra dead weight is a lot to take up the wall. And I need to fit my trousers, too.


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