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  • Give me a reason for feeling lonely

    Today, suffering a little from all the gin I drank last night, I packed two suitcases with a variety of stuff: Blood Bowl paraphernalia, climbing chalk, shoes of various purposes and styles, and an eclectic selection of underwear. Tonight I fly to Hong Kong, then on to Seattle, to start my new job on Wednesday.

  • Another bleary day

    La Serpiente’s ear infection kept her awake most of the night, and I’d made the mistake of playing two games of Blood Bowl far too late in the evening, which meant that between the weeping and the mental high, I couldn’t sleep until about 4 this morning, and then woke bleary eyed at 8, just […]

  • Highs and lows

    I was meant to have a game of Blood Bowl this morning, so I got up nice and early, took the kids out for pancakes and then got back for our scheduled start time… And nobody ever turned up. I wondered for about half an hour about what was going on, but never had any […]

  • Some pride

    This morning I took the girls out to teach Destroyer to use the brake on her scooter, rather than wear out the soles of her new shoes, and to teach La Serpiente to ride her bike. I had limited success: La Serpiente can pedal and steer and brake, if she remembers, but doesn’t seem to […]

  • Cereal thriller (and the kindness of sisters)

    This morning we’d run low on milk, and so there was just enough to pour on the children’s cereal (corn flakes for La Serpiente, puffs for Destroyer) and a small cup for La Serpiente.  But Destroyer also wanted milk to drink.  An emotional meltdown was looming.

  • New nerdy pursuits

    Last week, I went to the shops with La Serpiente and Destroyer and bought them some things to paint. I’ve been a bit remiss in allowing them to paint them (I didn’t want them to just daub paint on carelessly) and I’d also not had time to spray the models with primer so the paint […]

  • Wakey wakey

    I was up at 5 this morning, unable to sleep. I got up and went to the toilet, sure I was being quiet, only for La Serpiente to intercept me in the living room after I’d done my business. She was clutching Uncle Genk, her favourite teddy bear, and insisting that I had an animal […]

  • Wifeless Sunday

    Today I was still exhausted from the week, and although my left ankle is basically recovered, I had gone hard with the roller on my calf yesterday to get some knots out, so that wasn’t feeling great. So a leisurely day; me and the girls went for coffee, and because it was wet we missed […]

  • Adventures in fashion

    Groggy, again I awoke early to the sounds of children, then fell asleep again. My wife still let me out to go climbing so I stuffed a pair of shorts and a black t-shirt from the sporting drawer of my wardrobe into my bag, and headed off to the wall. It was only when I […]

  • Lots of climbing

    This morning I had three free hours to go bouldering with friends, while the kids played at home. (I hadn’t realised until my wife pointed out to me that our girls hardly ever have time to just play at home, because we’re always rushing them to swimming or the library or brunch. So that was […]