Adventures in fashion

Groggy, again I awoke early to the sounds of children, then fell asleep again. My wife still let me out to go climbing so I stuffed a pair of shorts and a black t-shirt from the sporting drawer of my wardrobe into my bag, and headed off to the wall.

It was only when I got there and changed, that I realised the shirt was a bit too tight, and cut low at the front:

Well, I suppose it’s something that I can fit into my wife’s clothes…

I changed back into my regular tshirt and climbed for 90 minutes, managing to do a couple of 16s and 17s I’d never tried before, and then packed it in when I tried to do a problem I had done before, and my arms gave up on me. I picked up a case of posh tonic and then got a car home, rather than torture my arms any more.

Speaking of torture, the children had invented a new emotional one for me, demanding to listen to The Lava Song ( while they had lunch. This should sound innocuous, a ukulele track about an anthromorphised volcano searching for love, but it tugged my heartstrings harder than Love You Forever. When we had to watch it again this evening after our ice cream treat, I was bawling my eyes out, and that was the version in Spanish where I can’t even understand half of it.

Still, apart from that, and occasional meltdowns, the day was very pleasant. We proceeded at a relaxed pace, I got to do another 30 pull ups while the kids ran around playing with other children, all was calm. They dropped like rocks tonight: I read their stories, lay down, fell asleep and woke up at 815 with a child asleep on either side of me. And hopefully I’ll be asleep again myself, this side of midnight for a change.

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