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  • Blood Bowl and Bainbridge

    I got up this morning, let the chickens out of their henhouse so they could run around their coop, walked a few blocks over to find an espresso (not to my liking – either badly made or over roasted) and a fairly solid salted caramel tart, and walked back to play a couple of games […]

  • Adventures in fashion

    Groggy, again I awoke early to the sounds of children, then fell asleep again. My wife still let me out to go climbing so I stuffed a pair of shorts and a black t-shirt from the sporting drawer of my wardrobe into my bag, and headed off to the wall. It was only when I […]

  • Prince of Wails Check

    Today La Serpiente demanded pancakes again for breakfast, or rather, she wanted a vat of maple syrup to drink with a side of bread products. We were wise to this and gave her a peanut butter sandwich instead, which she only ate a quarter or, and then I took her and Destroyer to the shops […]

  • The trouble with gin

    After a night of booze and playing Settlers of Catan, I was never going to be in good shape in the morning. But I’d arranged to pick up a bottle of gin from a friend at Parkrun: delicious, Margaret River gin, impossible to buy in Singapore but wonderful to drink. La Serpiente had awoken at […]

  • Fitting everything in

    I’ve had quite a varied day today. At first light I went running around the MacRitchie Reservoir and beat my personal best by almost 30 seconds. When I got home, I then rushed off to a Spanish lesson, and after that I had a manicure. The only possible thing to do after that was buy […]

  • Easy Sunday

    Tonight was Peter Jackson night again: this time, I persuaded my wife to watch The Frighteners, his 1996 ghost film, a sort of ramshackle reworking of Ghostbusters with Michael J Fox, an Andie McDowell lookalike and Gary Busey’s son as an unhinged ghostly murderer. I’d forgotten that it starts with quite a scary opening, and […]