The trouble with gin

After a night of booze and playing Settlers of Catan, I was never going to be in good shape in the morning. But I’d arranged to pick up a bottle of gin from a friend at Parkrun: delicious, Margaret River gin, impossible to buy in Singapore but wonderful to drink. La Serpiente had awoken at some point in the night and come to kick us in the face, so I’d slept in her bed then woken up feeling like death at 6am, and then taken 90 minutes to accept that I wasn’t going to run to Parkrun and I needed to get a taxi.
It was extremely hot today, which didn’t help the feeling that I was five minutes from throwing up. Whether I was in the back of a taxi, buying a cappuccino at Starbucks or walking past a Thai monk, that feeling didn’t go. Still, I got my gin and saw some old friends (not running has precluded socialising with runners) and then went home, after waiting twenty minutes for another taxi.

I got home and then had to go buy a watermelon, and then walk home from the shops, only to go straight out to a children’s party. That was fine, except I still felt sick and I had two more strong coffees, and *then* I was put in charge of stopping our two beasts from drowning in the pool.

In most pools in Singapore this is quite easy, because they’re never more than three feet deep, but this pool was partly 1.1 metres deep (just above the top of La Serpiente’s head) and then without any warning 2.1 metres deep (25 centimetres above the top of my head) which meantid go from supporting my child above the water to oh-my-god-I-don’t-want-to-die-and-I-still-need-to-keep-the-child-above-water thrashing in a few seconds. Still, nobody died.

We got home, La Serpiente screamed at me for a while because I wouldn’t feed her lots of biscuits, then passed out and I went climbing for almost two hours with a friend, and then I had to return to relieve my wife. Unfortunately she’d let the girls sleep for almost two hours, which meant bedtime was a shit show. In the meantime, I took both girls out for ice cream, then brought them home for pizza, because I believe in a balanced diet (good most of the week, dreadful at the weekend), tried to bathe them, put them to bed and then lost a few hours to children who refused to sleep. Even telling Destroyer I was going to see her sister didn’t work the second time round; I need sneakier strategies.

And so to bed.

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