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  • Good progress and pizza

    This morning I woke up sore from yesterday’s climbing. My knees were particularly bad, and felt like they might give way at any time. We got up and went over to a playground in Tiong Bahru, where I exhausted myself playing catch with a small girl I didn’t know, and then went for a really […]

  • Swimming Lesson #44

    I had my first swimming lesson in a month today, and so my coach went easy on me. While the pool steamed as rain fell on the hot water of the pool, I did a couple of laps of freestyle, a couple of backstroke and a couple of breaststroke. [more] Maybe the rest had done me some […]

  • Getting stronger again

    This morning I went for a swim at my friends’ pool, and managed to do nine lengths. I had considered doing 10, but after nine I felt quite wrecked, and in any case, 9 was a record (and 50% better than when I started a couple of weeks ago). Slightly shakily, I got dressed and […]

  • Wins and losses

    This was my last Sunday with my family before they fly away and I don’t see them for a month, so I took Destroyer and La Serpiente out for pancakes, and after that went off climbing. Serving me right for this neglect of fatherly duties, my scooter skidded after I’d gone over a bit of […]

  • Wearing the kids out

    It was probably a bad idea to stay up until 3am playing Blood Bowl on tbe Xbox, but it did mean I was awake at 1 o’clock when La Serpiente woke up wanting her mother, and got her back to sleep, before going back to organising a fight between some blokes and some orcs. Still, […]

  • Aimless in Asok

    I have a disgusting, hacking cough at the moment, the kind that sounds disgusting and has worse consequences when I cough up something from my lungs. At least the revolting brown muck that emerged this morning has been replaced by pale, almost clear muck this evening – I guess I must be getting better.

  • The usual Saturday

    This morning I took the girls out for breakfast so my wife could concentrate on packing, and as usual La Serpiente inhaled her pancakes, and Destroyer toyed with the muesli she’d demanded, then refused to eat any. Fortunately I phoned home and my wife told her to “just eat ten bites” and she ended up […]

  • A day in Kuala Lumpur

    We checked into our hotel about 10:15 last night and the kids were asleep by 11. I thought that would mean we’d get a lie-in this morning but they were up early and demanding attention, so we had breakfast in the hotel (the Aloft has a pizza oven churning out pizza at breakfast, which is […]

  • Swimming Lesson #23

    Swimming Lesson #23

    When I got in the pool today, I realised it had been a long time since I was last swimming, and I worried that I would have forgotten everything. Luckily, I started fifteen minutes early, so I had a chance to gradually reacquaint myself with the pool. This was also the first outing for my […]

  • Swimming Lesson #16

    Swimming Lesson #16

    It’s been a long long time since I last went to Swish for a lesson. Actually, come to think of it the last time I went (after a long absence) I pulled my neck swimming over-aggressively and had to have physio to fix myself. So I was a bit worried that after another long rest […]