Swimming Lesson #44

I had my first swimming lesson in a month today, and so my coach went easy on me. While the pool steamed as rain fell on the hot water of the pool, I did a couple of laps of freestyle, a couple of backstroke and a couple of breaststroke. [more] Maybe the rest had done me some good. I was going quite smoothly, remembering to keep my body straight and my limbs relaxed. I can now happily do six strokes of freestyle before I need to come up for air. Breaststroke is a bit harder – my knee and thigh are still sore so that is more difficult than freestyle – and the stroke I was born for is backstroke, but I’m happy that my progress hasn’t reversed. 

Getting home tonight was a pain though. A new ride hailing firm from Indonesia, Go-Jek, has just arrived in Singapore and although prices are cheap, the drivers were unreliable. Two cancelled on me rather than bothering to show up, and the third had a fifteen minute detour before he even arrived, making me suspect he was taking a ride on another ride hailing app and leaving me to stand and wait in the rain. 

On the other hand, $2.90 to get home instead of $16? It’s a hard choice… 

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