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  • Swimming Lesson #44

    I had my first swimming lesson in a month today, and so my coach went easy on me. While the pool steamed as rain fell on the hot water of the pool, I did a couple of laps of freestyle, a couple of backstroke and a couple of breaststroke.¬†[more]¬†Maybe the rest had done me some […]

  • More transport frustrations

    We went to meet a friend for brunch today over in the East Coast. I had an ulterior motive; I wanted to visit the skate shop over there to see about getting a replacement for my scooter. To get there, I booked a car through Grab. On the app, I could see the car was […]

  • Here and there and back again

    My wife came in at 3 this morning and woke me up, so when my alarm went off at 6:30, I blinked and it was already 7. Panic stricken, I rushed around the house getting ready to go to the Parkrun. (Protip: it’s much better to go to the toilet then put on a pair […]

  • Driven to distraction

    This morning I took La Serpiente to school; with my wife still sick and Destroyer also not 100%, I felt bad about abandoning them to the school run while I went off to my meetings. And besides, I could just get a taxi after depositing La Serpiente, and still arrive in time, right? As ever, […]

  • Ohnobike

    An app-based bicycle rental company has launched in Singapore. (Savour that sentence for a moment, a series of words that would have made little sense a decade ago.) It’s called obike and they’ve put white and yellow bicycles all over the island. You sign up to their app on your phone, then scan the QR […]