Good progress and pizza

This morning I woke up sore from yesterday’s climbing. My knees were particularly bad, and felt like they might give way at any time. We got up and went over to a playground in Tiong Bahru, where I exhausted myself playing catch with a small girl I didn’t know, and then went for a really good Thai lunch down the street, near the Games Workshop shop.

That allowed us to go in the shop and hide from the heat, while the girls painted two more models, and I bought some orange paint. Then we went home, and after my wife had some more coffee, I went back to the climbing wall to see if I could recreate yesterday’s magic. 

Something has been switched on in me as a result of yesterday, and I did the same hard 23 problem two or three times, and another 20 I couldn’t do before, and it was generally odd feeling I’d expanded my abilities all of a sudden. I did an hour, then headed home to pick up the kids for swimming. 

Inadvertently I upset Destroyer by accidentally closing the lift doors on her, so she screamed all the way to her lesson, but she was happy while she was there. Both girls now swim from 530 to 6, which should afford en a chance to relax, but I’m so stressed by trying to get them both changed simultaneously that I spent the half hour just trembling. 

And then home to eat pizza, put the girls to bed with a long Natbof story about witches, and then spend an hour or two painting models ready for tomorrow’s game. It’s going to be a busy day. 

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