Cereal thriller (and the kindness of sisters)

This morning we’d run low on milk, and so there was just enough to pour on the children’s cereal (corn flakes for La Serpiente, puffs for Destroyer) and a small cup for La Serpiente.  But Destroyer also wanted milk to drink. 

An emotional meltdown was looming.

And then, to my joy and pride, La Serpiente began to teach her sister that you could just squash down the cereal in your bowl with your spoon, let the milk run over the top, and then drink the milk from the spoon, unadulterated by cereal products.  She even offered her spoon to Destroyer to sip from, and gave her advice on the best kind of cereal for squashing in order to maximise milk yields.

Times like these are when it warms my heart to see my children caring for one another.

Then again, we walked to school the wrong way today and this provoked Destroyer to weep and scream for ten minutes, and then not let go of my neck when I tried to drop her off at the school gates.  So for every step forward, half a step backwards again.

Now we have more milk, so possibly the whole spoon-milk-cereal filtration innovation is for naught.

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