Another bleary day

La Serpiente’s ear infection kept her awake most of the night, and I’d made the mistake of playing two games of Blood Bowl far too late in the evening, which meant that between the weeping and the mental high, I couldn’t sleep until about 4 this morning, and then woke bleary eyed at 8, just in time to carry Destroyer to school. (Incidentally, Destroyer was very happy at the school gate today, not a single tear, which I put down to her enjoying being carried. I suppose even until La Serpiente was four years old she got to ride in the stroller from time to time – perhaps our youngest is grumpy because she’s worn out from all the walking.)

And so it was that I had to go home early this afternoon, because (a) I had to look after La Serpiente while my wife picked up Destroyer after ballet, and (b) because I was so tired I couldn’t think. There was an enormous thunderstorm that I just avoided getting soaked in, and then I woke up, drool in my beard, about five, and had to entertain the children.

I did this with judicious application of Paw Patrol on Netflix, then persuaded them to eat some onigiri, and then we all went for a walk, getting home about 7:30, when I got them dressed for bed, brushed their teeth and then read them two more Natbof stories, one about the Black Plague and one about the Great Fire of 1665 that had me weeping with laughter. That was one of the good ones.

My wife spelled me off from bedtime duties just before 9, and then I played two games of Blood Bowl in a row. I won the first 2-1, partly because I had much better luck than my opponent, but I’d like to think some tactical nous might have helped. Or having a player with a great big knife to be constantly stabbing people with. That was with my rats.

Rats are by far the fastest, most agile team. Then I played with my Nurgle team, by far the slowest, least agile team. The adjustment was too much and I was squashed to a 1-0 loss, although I had a few players acquire enough experience to skill up, so it wasn’t such a bad match. It’s also good because that knocks me out of one tournament, which means I shouldn’t have to worry about playing two consecutive games again for a while. And so to bed.

Well, so to the sofa. Neither bed is available for me tonight, as there’s a infected La Serpiente on one and a gently snoring Destroyer on the other. I hope I feel less tired tomorrow.

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