New nerdy pursuits

Happy fun times with paint and plastic

Last week, I went to the shops with La Serpiente and Destroyer and bought them some things to paint. I’ve been a bit remiss in allowing them to paint them (I didn’t want them to just daub paint on carelessly) and I’d also not had time to spray the models with primer so the paint would stick properly. However, with the clamour to do so from my children ever-rising, and my wife pointing out to me I should do as I’d promised, last night I shook a can of paint as hard as I could for two minutes, and tried not to inhale too many fumes.

Both girls actually seemed quite excited, rather than being forced to engage with their father’s peculiar hobby. We talked about the kind of paints we were going to use, and the need for a wet palette, and how it was better to apply several thin coats of paint rather than just dab it all on, and then I let them take a brush each, and apply some paint to their models.

Destroyer painted a man, covering him first with red, then yellow, and finally silver paint. We got to discuss how different paints had different viscosity (well, we talked about gloopiness and the sounds they made when you shook the paint pot) and how some paint showed a stronger colour immediately.

La Serpiente’s Griff-hound

Rather than a Terrifying Warrior, La Serpient had chosent to paint a Griff-hound, a ridiculous combination of dog and eagle, and I’m really pleased how it came out. I gave her a bit of help applying a glaze of red ink to the body, and painted the yellow brick in the foreground, but she chose all the colours and did almost all of the work. I don’t know why its hindpaw should be metal, but I think that works very nicely. (A lesson to me that I should also back off and trust in her instincts.)

There were a few times when I had to cajole her to lightly stroke the brush through the paint or onto the model, rather than scrub and squash, but by and large we had a happy hour between the three of us, and then they were quite happy to let me peacefully paint the shoes of my Blood Bowl team brown and try to highlight some of the metalwork on their armour.

So that was a nice morning. (Better than how we started the day, waking up exhausted and in need of coffee…)

In the late afternoon, after the usual mid afternoon meltdown, we all went to Gardens By The Bay and they played in the water park, and also discovered a vast new play area behind it, full of slides and climbing frames and opportunities to terrify their parents by running off and not being found for ten minutes. We finished off at Satays By The Bay eating, and then we all went home (although I went out again to buy yet more paint to feed the family’s new addiction. I’d been remiss and failed to have any shades of blue for the girls…)


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