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  • The Damnation Of Pythos

    It’s been a little while since last I read a book about Space Marines, but finally I got around to this, the last in the sixth anthology of Horus Heresy books. This one was pretty bleak; a bunch of very angry, traumatised Space Marines who really want to be robots instead of men, get haunted […]

  • Double Eagle

    Last weekend Games Workshop rereleased Aeronautica Imperialias, their fighter combat game, and to persuade people to buy it they also reissued Dan Abnett’s novel about fighter pilots in the grimdark future. To distract myself from Blood Bowl, or the fact that I was on a plane in turbulent skies, I read it.

  • Celestine

    This was a very strange book to read. Half of it is the usual boilerplate Imperial soldiers vs Evil Forces of Chaos story that Games Workshop assume will sell more toy soldiers, and the rest is a wander through what feels vaguely Moorcockian landscapes as an amnesiac wakes on a mound of her own bones, […]

  • Vengeful Spirit and Scars

    I read two more Space Marine novels this week, as I’d been gifted all that spare time for reading by Delta Airlines. Vengeful Spirit is partly a story about some of the good guys infiltrating Horus’ giant spaceship, and also a story about Horus and his forces attacking and destroying the world of Molech. In […]

  • The Unremembered Empire

    It’s… another book about Space Marines!

  • Vulkan Lives

    I read another novel about Space Marines today, the inaccurately named Vulkan Lives. In this, Vulkan, one of the super Space Marines (themselves super soldiers) is captured during Horus’ insurrection and put to death. And then put to death again, and again.

  • Betrayer

    On the train back from Portland I read another Horus Heresy book, the 24th to be published It’s remarkable to me that Games Workshop would be able to diversify like this. I suppose there have been Star Wars novels and many other corporate land grabs, but somehow the Games Workshop effort has made something much […]

  • Spears of the Emperor

    I read another book about Space Marines, but this time not part of the incredibly long Horus Heresy series. Instead, this is set in the 41st millennium, which is the present day for Games Workshop’s setting. Confused enough?

  • Shadows of Treachery / Mark of Calth

    I read some more books about Space Marines. Both of these are anthologies of short stories, and in the main, much less satisfactory than the full length novels. Shadows of Treachery is just lots of bad things being done by Bad Space Marines – it felt to me that the constraints of short stories meant […]

  • Lair of the Skaven

    Lair of the Skaven, a lurid purple covered paperback, represents part of Games Workshop’s ongoing diversification in the books it publishes. I think people were justifiably sniffy about the idea of a company that makes wargames that shamelessly borrow from scifi and fantasy tropes (and then sue to protect their IP) publishing books. The first […]