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  • The Grey Knights Omnibus

    I finished The Grey Knights Omnibus, a bible-sized paperback containing three different novels about the Grey Knights, the super elite daemon-hunters among the super elite super soldiers of the Imperium, that strange Gothic/Roman/whatever you want to call it background to a table top game of plastic soldiers, that has driven massive profits for Games Workshop. […]

  • The Black Legion

    Perhaps out of nostalgia, (because I can’t think of any better reason) I downloaded a Games Workshop novel about Space Marines. It’s a few hundred pages of eight foot tall, genetically modified supersoldiers murdering one anorher, but with huge amounts of baroque detail about civil wars, cursed planets and demons everywhere.

  • Space Hulk again

    I got the Space Hulk box down from the top of our wardrobe and got my wife to play another game of it with me. Space Hulk is a version of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 game, but designed to be played fast: rather than spending hours setting up regiments of soldiers, you should be able […]