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  • Deliverance Lost

    Deliverance Lost concerns the Raven Guard, who were a loyalist legion of Space Marines who were almost wiped out several books ago. This novel takes place just after the end of both Fulgrim and The First Heretic, because the Horus Heresy series has a complicated structure, often looping back on itself.

  • The Outcast Dead

    Another day, another lot of Space Marines… The Outcast Dead is eventually about the eponymous group of renegade Space Marines who form another A-team analogue (see also Nemesis). More poetically, it is about lots of other outcast dead: there are the remnants of the Thunder Warriors, predecessors of the Space Marines, discarded when surplus to […]

  • Drachenfels

    Drachenfels was, I think, the first novel Games Workshop published, and the first I read. It also led me to read a lot of Kim Newman’s work, such as The Quorum. Drachenfels was written under his pen-name, Jack Yeovil, to distinguish it from his non-corporate IP work. I think when Games Workshop first commissioned writers […]

  • Age of Darkness

    Age of Darkness is an anthology of Horus Heresy short stories, most of which aren’t that great. From a distance, all the books are about Space Marines shooting each other in the face, but each of the interesting novels is more interesting for the things that happen around the battles, rather than the battles themselves. […]

  • Nemesis

    Nemesis is the first Horus Heresy novel I’ve read that isn’t focussed on Space Marines. Instead, there’s a bit of politics, some body horror, stealing from Angel Heart, my favourite dreadful Mickey Rourke film, a bit of an A-Team vibe, and finally a bunch of Space Marines turn up and slaughter civilians. So, something for […]

  • The First Heretic

    Another week, another Horus Heresy book… I really liked Dembski-Bowen’s The Black Legion because it had depth and nuance and smart characters and not just “raaah, we’re eeeevil!” idiots. I can blame that book for persuading me to read a lot of the other books in this series. So I came to The First Heretic with […]

  • Prospero Burns

    Prospero Burns is another Horus Heresy book, and I think the best written that I’ve read so far. It’s a companion to A Thousand Sons – this time written from the point of view of the Space Wolves (Vikings in Spaaaaace!) rather than the Thousand Sons (Ancient Egyptians in Spaaaaace!)

  • Highs and lows

    I was meant to have a game of Blood Bowl this morning, so I got up nice and early, took the kids out for pancakes and then got back for our scheduled start time… And nobody ever turned up. I wondered for about half an hour about what was going on, but never had any […]

  • Fallen Angels & A Thousand Sons

    I read two more Games Workshop novels, one about Dark Angels, and the other about the Thousand Sons. The Space Marines aren’t just a bunch of fanatic supersoldiers in power armour. Each Legion has a different character; the Dark Angels are medieval knights with a Dark Secret, whereas the Thousand Sons are a bunch of […]

  • The consolations of violence

    This morning I took the girls to school, and on the way: we argued about how many dogs we’d seen Destroyer picked up a catkin and gave it to me to take to work we got all the way to school without drama, and then Destroyer’s face fell, her mouth turned to an upturned crescent […]