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  • The Lords Of Silence

    On the flight to London I read The Lords Of Silence, a novel centred on the eponymous Lords, a warband of evil Plague Marines. As with most things, it’s more fun to read about the villains than the heroes. 

  • New nerdy pursuits

    Last week, I went to the shops with La Serpiente and Destroyer and bought them some things to paint. I’ve been a bit remiss in allowing them to paint them (I didn’t want them to just daub paint on carelessly) and I’d also not had time to spray the models with primer so the paint […]

  • Back to swimming

    Today was the girls’ first swimming lesson since November. I was worried that in two months they might have forgotten everything, but they were quite happy in the water. The latest trick they have is to swim through a hoop held beneath the surface. I guess I could do that, if I went on a […]

  • Fulgrim

    Late in the evening, belly full of too much high class pizza, yet still unsated, I finished reading Fulgrim, the fifth novel in the Horus Heresy sequence.

  • Some of the books I’ve read this year

    Lately, I’ve been less than assiduous at writing up all the books that I’ve read this year. In an attempt to catch up before the end of the year, here’s a short list of them:

  • An evening we’ll spent

    As my birthday and Christmas approach, I’m not meant to be buying myself anything, but after work today I took the train to Dhoby Ghaut and purchased a paintbrush, and a pot of green paint: Then I bought a pack of kitchen roll (more on this later) and went home to paint my toy soldiers.

  • Dark Imperium

    I guess needing an easy, untaxing read, I downloaded a discounted copy of Dark Imperium, a 2017 novel about Games Workshop’s Space Marines.

  • Blood Bowl – the novel

    Right now, my world smells and tastes like chalk. I think it’s either a side effect or a direct effect of all the painkillers I’m on – the horse-pill sized paracetamol, the tiny green tramadol, the orange anti-nausea meds, and the other ones I don’t remember the name of. Perhaps because I’m stuffed full of […]

  • The Talon Of Horus

    As is normal on Sundays, I got woke up by La Serpiente refusing to sleep in and had to take her out for pancakes to prevent the maelstrom that would ensue if she woke her sister up by banging around the apartment. And then when I got back, I read another Games Workshop novel about […]

  • Soul Hunter

    Possibly in a long game to wind up my wife, or from nostalgia for my teenage years, I read another Games Workshop novel today, Soul Hunter, which is about some renegade Space Marines (the Night Lords) who used to be led by a bloke who was literally Batman In Spaaaaace (the scary Frank Miller-era Batman, […]