Back to swimming

Today was the girls’ first swimming lesson since November. I was worried that in two months they might have forgotten everything, but they were quite happy in the water. The latest trick they have is to swim through a hoop held beneath the surface. I guess I could do that, if I went on a very strict diet…

In the morning, I’d given La Serpiente another cycling lesson. Last week I managed to let go of her once or twice, but, brimming as she is with confidence, she’s now quite happy to ride across the badminton court on her own. Two issues right now – her exceptional bravery means she doesn’t do sensible things like steer away from obstacles (or remember she has brakes), and she has trouble starting off. But we can work on these both. I’m trying to be quite strict, at least so far as not allowing her to develop bad habits, so we practice for a short time so it’s not stressful and she can develop some skills. Happily, she remembered everything I told her from last week. (Apart from using the brakes to slow herself down…)

Being cheap, I wanted to see if I could get her and her sister to the swimming class without spending money on a taxi. This also meant we could take a bus past the Games Workshop shop in Tiong Bahru, where, to get my children into this ridiculous hobby of plastic soldiers, I bought them a few to paint. We’ll see how well that goes…

After that purchase, I bribed them with a pain au chocolat before we got back on the bus, then got off one stop early by mistake (it’s ok, we were 30 minutes early) and then had to walk half a mile to the swimming pool.

So it’s probably no wonder that after all this, both of them fell asleep in less than 5 minutes. That afforded me ample time this evening to drink some of the gin we had at Christmas and recover some sense of what it’s like to be a human being. Onwards and upwards!

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