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  • Back to swimming

    Today was the girls’ first swimming lesson since November. I was worried that in two months they might have forgotten everything, but they were quite happy in the water. The latest trick they have is to swim through a hoop held beneath the surface. I guess I could do that, if I went on a […]

  • Back on the bike again

    I had a phone call with the US at 9 this morning, and so after I finished the call on the way back from school, I got on my bike and rode to the office. Well, I got my bike out, went down to the ground floor in the lift, then realised I’d left my […]

  • Hello my old friend

    Today I reassembled my bike. I love singlespeed bikes, because there was no fussing around with tuning up the gears or reattaching cables and dĂ©railleurs. I just pulled it out of the box, tightened the bolts holding the stem to the steering tube, and then realised the tyres were flat and I’d lost my pump […]

  • Taken for a ride

    This afternoon​, when I was feeling a bit better (or perhaps just rattling more, given how many pills I’d taken) we took the girls down to the East Coast Park so they could play on their scooter and bicycle. There’s a big shop selling nothing but scooters and inline skates there, so we could pick […]

  • A man and his bicycle

    Today I saw a man fall off a bicycle. We’d finished swimming at the pool at Bukit Merah, and I was waiting outside with my friend Renato for my wife to get changed, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a man fall off a bicycle. Some crashes are excruciating to watch. […]