Hello my old friend

Today I reassembled my bike. I love singlespeed bikes, because there was no fussing around with tuning up the gears or reattaching cables and dérailleurs. I just pulled it out of the box, tightened the bolts holding the stem to the steering tube, and then realised the tyres were flat and I’d lost my pump somewhere in the move. So, as the pump had been falling apart anyway, I bought a new one today, found a pair of magnesium V12 pedals lurking in my toolbox, and the bike was complete. No more than 15 minutes work.

That was my main bit of me-time. I woke at 830 this morning and took La Serpiente for pancakes, giving my wife some time to sleep in. Then we had a birthday party to attend, where the girls happily played in a swimming pool until torrential rains came and they cambered out, shivering cold. That was a good preparation for this afternoon’s swimming lessons, half in a Biblical deluge and half in blazing sunshine.

Then back home, back out for a barbecue to celebrate another birthday, and then home to put the kids to bed and stare lovingly at my new old bicycle. I can at least be proud that there’s one less enormous cardboard box in the living room.

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  1. Glad to hear the new/old bike is in working order. I walked past the local bike shop today, nearly popped in and thanked them for packing it so well. But held back in case it had fallen apart in transit!

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