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  • Hello my old friend

    Today I reassembled my bike. I love singlespeed bikes, because there was no fussing around with tuning up the gears or reattaching cables and dérailleurs. I just pulled it out of the box, tightened the bolts holding the stem to the steering tube, and then realised the tyres were flat and I’d lost my pump…

  • A trip to Jersey

    It rained all day today. Rain so cold that there were warnings from the police not to drive in New Jersey because of the risks involved. Undaunted, after breakfast I took the ferry to Weehawken, where my friend Nick collected me in his car and drove me back to his house.

  • New Cross in the rain

    It rained for the first time all week, proper, gloomy London rain, the kind that rolls down the back of your neck and ruins your day. Fortunately, I had my Helly Hansen storm jacket stored at the parental archive, and that comes with a hood to keep the water off. Unfortunately, I also had the…