Vulkan Lives

I read another novel about Space Marines today, the inaccurately named Vulkan Lives. In this, Vulkan, one of the super Space Marines (themselves super soldiers) is captured during Horus’ insurrection and put to death. And then put to death again, and again.
This is because Vulkan’s two secret powers are having massive hands, and never permanently dying Unfortunately for him, trapped on the spaceship of Evil Batman, Vulkan is constantly being tortured to death. Vulkan Dies would have been a much more apt title.

Most of the book, then, is just torture porn as more and more grotesque ways are found for Vulkan to die. The remainder of the novel is about a few survivors of Vulkan’s legion looking for revenge, and the everybastards of the Word Bearers legion trying to kill them.

So, another unremittingly bleak affair. Probably twice as much death as totally necessary.

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