This was a very strange book to read. Half of it is the usual boilerplate Imperial soldiers vs Evil Forces of Chaos story that Games Workshop assume will sell more toy soldiers, and the rest is a wander through what feels vaguely Moorcockian landscapes as an amnesiac wakes on a mound of her own bones, before being subjected to various trials from parts of her personality such as Duty and Faith.
All this while there’s a lot of praying to the Emperor and other stuff that, maybe a couple of hundred years ago, would get you executed for blasphemy. What’s it doing now? Trying to instil a religious belief in the reader? Commentary on how religion develops? More back story for buying plastic soldiers? I’m so confused…

Anyway, it’s short but it’s also a bit of a grind. Not one I’d recommend unless you are obsessed with religious nutters in power armour in a constant cycle of death and reincarnation.


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