Some pride

This morning I took the girls out to teach Destroyer to use the brake on her scooter, rather than wear out the soles of her new shoes, and to teach La Serpiente to ride her bike. I had limited success: La Serpiente can pedal and steer and brake, if she remembers, but doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of not riding into lampposts, people or hedges. Destroyer uses her brake if she thinks I’m watching her, otherwise, not.

Then I provoked a massive meltdown by not letting them take home some “treasure” they’d found in the playground. The treasure was a plastic sheet of stencils, that was clearly somebody else’s, and at this stage we don’t need *more* junk in the house. Cue much wailing, gnashing of teeth, etc, until we went and had lunch. 

I painted a few Blood Bowl players, the kids sort of ate sushi with few complaints, and then we went to Waka Waka, a nearby play gym, stopping only on the way there for my wife to buy a coffee and the girls to demand I bought them more Games Workshop models. I’d just about persuaded them to only get one small model each, when my wife came into the shop and agreed with La Serpiente that I should also buy them six more griffon/hounds. Which I was glad to do so and at the same time a bit annoyed that I didn’t get to buy myself a small army of orcs instead. I contented myself with yellow paint instead, although I don’t know what I want to paint yellow. Yet. And we got a free Warhammer book to read the girls and give them nightmares. 

Then we went to Waka Waka, which was almost deserted because of Chinese New Year. This was when my heart was truly gladdened as we met some new friends who have a four year old daughter, and La Serpiente took her by the hand and guided her around, before playing happily with her for four hours. 

We even had a stress free bedtime, and I sneaked out to go swimming. Only managed four laps and a bit of floating because my legs were still a mess from Saturday, but I guess a few more efforts will pay off. 
Then I won a game of Blood Bowl, and now I’m off to bed. 

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