Lots of climbing

This morning I had three free hours to go bouldering with friends, while the kids played at home. (I hadn’t realised until my wife pointed out to me that our girls hardly ever have time to just play at home, because we’re always rushing them to swimming or the library or brunch. So that was nice.) I haven’t quite recovered from my pull-ups on Friday morning, so I still had little niggling pains in my arms, but it was a solid, exhausting few hours. Then I went home, and went back out climbing again.

My wife isn’t quite the climbing widow yet, because I took La Serpiente with me: today was her first climbing class at Climb Central. Once again she was studious and concentrating, although she seemed a little quiet. For the class she went off without any parental supervision, so for a while I just sat around, and then I realised I needed to buy snacks for after the lesson, and then as I staggered through Fairprice, confused that I was grabbing every sugary junk food available, I realised I’d skipped lunch and that was a Bad Thing.

Back I went to the wall, and for a while I couldn’t locate La Serpiente, until I looked up and saw her quite confident, ten feet up a wall. She’s roped up (until they’re La Serpiente’s height (110 cm), age (5) and weight (20 kg), the harness won’t fit properly) so there’s not too much risk, but even in this class of tiny children they were belaying one another. And La Serpiente is more competent at that than I used to be.

Seeing she was enjoying herself, and not wanting to distract her, I sloped off and did half an hour of bouldering. The Climb Central problems are either trivial or brutal, but I managed to do two that I probably couldn’t have last time I was there, and I spent the rest of the time sneaking glances at my daughter.

Afterward, she was jubilant. I realised that it was much better to have an organised class, rather than try to teach her myself, because I’m not organised enough to have things like a book she can write her goals in, or the promise of prizes:
She was quite up for doing some more. I was worried that an hour and a half would have been too much (swimming is only 30 minutes) but the bigger worry I had when she found me was that I wouldn’t be able to cope. I lured her away from the wall with sugary snacks, and then we went to buy new swimming costumes.

Both children were really good tonight, and also uttelry exhausted – this is a rare combination, as tired child usually equals batshit crazy child – and instead of me falling asleep on their bed while they prattle on, both La Serpiente and Destroyer were out cold in five minutes. So that was an efficient end to the day.


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  1. I did wonder whether they were belaying each other! She’s also really got the hang of push with your legs, don’t pull with your arms. I hope she really gets into it!

    • On the basis of yesterday’s lesson, that’s a certainty. Can’t be sure yet, of course, but very happy after her first experience. How many years before she outpaces me? (Or rather, how long will brute strength and reach keep me ahead of fearlessness, flexibility and a better strength:weight ratio?)

      • I don’t think we can ever recover the feeling of the strength:weight advantage as adults. It’s brilliant that she has the opportunity of experiencing that. And potentially gives Jen a break at home too while you go climbing together!

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