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  • Seattle Bouldering Project

    This morning I went for a 45 minute run with a colleague from the old days at Expedia, Dave, and did slightly more than I’d expected. I drank too much coffee and not enough water afterwards, and that meant that although I had the chance for a nap this afternoon I couldn’t capitalise on it. […]

  • Stone Gardens

    After a day of playing Blood Bowl (one draw, one loss) and viewing houses, I went to Stone Gardens for an evening climb.

  • Climbing up and up and up

    I was meant to be climbing and swimming today, but having spent hours sneezing last night, I didn’t fancy wearing myself out too much. So I went to climb, and managed to clear two difficult slab problems (a 17 and a 19) which made me very happy. These were two tricky problems with tiny, slippery […]

  • Another achievement unlocked

    I had a training session at Boulder Movement today. I also felt pretty grotty because last night I’d stayed up until 1am, and the previous night until 2am, reading a book, and then this morning I’d been woken by La Serpiente at 6 to tell me that Destroyer had wet the bed, so all in […]

  • Some unexpected competence

    I went to the climbing wall today, and we set to work on some new problems I’ve not tried before. They were all thematically similar – a few tricky holds to start with, without much in the way of places to put your feet, and then an awkward bit where you had to move yourself […]

  • Climbing in Cardiff

    I got up this morning, helped my parents reconfigure their dining room table, then headed into London to get a train to Cardiff. Now Paddington seems to have been fully renovated, it’s a lovely, spacious station. I could get through the ticket barriers by merely waving my phone at a bar code reader, and I […]

  • Back on the wall

    I had a training session at Boulder Movement tonight and now my hands are super sore. I climbed a few more problems I wouldn’t have attempted before (15s and 16s) but I was a bit tired and the place was crammed, so by the end we were just working on pull-ups, which made me even […]

  • Getting to the top of it

    This afternoon I went to Boulder Movement to climb for an hour, feeling that I’ve not been getting enough exercise this week. I attempted a few easy routes, warming up, and then some more difficult ones. I seem to spend a lot of time watching other people, then attempting what they made look easy, and […]

  • Back on the wall again

    After work tonight, I rushed home, hugged the kids, ate a couple of quesadillas, told the girls if they didn’t tidy up their toys I would come home later with a big broom and sweep them all away, and then ran back out to get a bus to the climbing wall.

  • Chimera Climbing

    This morning I abandoned the kids and took the train out to High Brooms, to meet my friend at Chimera Climbing, her local climbing gym near Tunbridge Wells. This was the first time I’d climbed since my accident back on the 11th of November, so I had some trepidation. Would my body still work? Would […]