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  • Seattle Bouldering Project

    After work today I went down to the Seattle Bouldering Project, which resides in an old industrial space quite close to the stadiums in the south of the city. Seattle Bouldering Project is big, much like everything in the US. I’m not sure if that is in and of itself a good thing, but I […]

  • Climbing with kids

    One thing that is heartening, but sometimes very frustrating, about my daughters is that they really don’t care too much about social norms at this point. I don’t know if that’s because they’re very independently minded or just oblivious, but it’s particularly obvious when we go climbing. Everyone is wearing what seems to be the […]

  • Lots of climbing

    This morning I had three free hours to go bouldering with friends, while the kids played at home. (I hadn’t realised until my wife pointed out to me that our girls hardly ever have time to just play at home, because we’re always rushing them to swimming or the library or brunch. So that was […]

  • Getting high in any way possible

    Today I went to the climbing wall at lunchtime with a colleague, and: scared myself climbing a 17-grade, where I ran out of options and ability half way up, but still made it to the top successfully coached her to the top of a fairly tricky problem in one corner and charged up an overhanging […]

  • Swimming Lesson #24

    Whoops. Once again, I’d been weeks without swimming; a week away in San Francisco, then forgetting to go the week I got back from Perth. To make things harder, I’ve been transferred from a 12 metre pool to a 20 metre pool. While that’s still only 40% of an Olympic pool, the extra 66% vs […]

  • Dogpatch Boulders

    I intended to get up at six this morning and go to Dogpatch for some bouldering. I didn’t. I woke up at 4am, realised I was never going to go back to sleep, and, after calling my wife and kids, went to Dogpatch for some bouldering.

  • The Indoor Climbing Manual

    I picked this up from the library at the weekend, an attractive large format softback book with plenty of illustrations, and also several chapters on top-roped climbing, which I skipped completely because bouldering is where it’s at.